Gianlorenzo Bernini: the Man Who Designed Rome

Few artists have acomplished as much in their lifetimes are Gianlorenzo Bernini. He served under eight popes, became the official papal architect at the young age of 30, and influenced generations of artists.

The City of Rome is full of Bernini's work, from his sculptures to his fountains to Vatican City. He was the most famous artist of his time, and though his name is not as recognizable today as it once was his genius is obvious to any visitor to the city, especially to those who see his masterpiece, the Cornaro Chapel.

Bernini was a child prodigy who would grow to sculpt busts that were so life-like and full of emotion that people would almost believe that the sculpture was actually a man who had turned to stone. He would also grow into a skilled painter and master architect whose work would amaze pilgrims and tourists alike for hundreds of years.

Detail: Rape of Proserpina
Completed: 1622
Galleria Borghese, Rome
Source: Wittkower

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